Anglistische Kultur- und Literaturwissenschaft

Anglophone cultural and literary studies are concerned with the history and development of manifold cultural phenomena of the English-speaking world from about 1500 to our present time. Within this field, cultural communication and cultural conflict represent important themes and issues.

We focus on a variety of traditional as well as new media, we study literary texts, theatre plays, film, and the world of popular culture and advertising. These foci are examined with respect to their medial and intermedial genre aspects and their communicative potential within a spectrum of cultural contexts, such as nation, identity, race, class, and of course gender. We also look into past, present and future developments of the private and public spheres, we address issues of cultural superiority and marginalization in post-colonial contexts and examine the consequences of internationalization in our increasingly hybrid environments.

Our students will not only gain knowledge about specific contexts of the English-speaking world, but also learn how to pose, discuss and answer analytical questions, how to argue a particular point of view, how to reflect upon subject in a critical yet constructive manner and, last but not least, how to put these to paper.

Anglophone cultural and literary studies are currently engaged in a number of B.A., M.A. and Ph. D. programs both within and outside of the Faculty of Humanities, such as

  • Cultural Engineering (Leitung)
  • European Studies
  • Germanistik mit interdisziplinärem Profil
  • All teacher training courses with English as subsidiary subject
  • Berufsbildung und Personalentwicklung (Graduiertenprogramm)
  • International Management
  • International Business and Economics
  • Management and Economics
  • Interkulturelles Verstehen (Zertifikatsstudiengang)
  • Anglistische Kulturwissenschaft (discontinued program)

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